MUSA Little Warriors Program

Little Warriors Class is an exciting introduction to taekwondo for children age 3 to 5!  This program has the perfect blend of fun an learning!

MUSA Children's Program

MUSA's Children's program focuses on increasing strength, flexibility, and self-confidence, and discipline.  We also challenge students to set and reach goals through perseverance, work hard in school, and help out at home.  This program is perfect for children age 6 to 11.

MUSA Teens and Adults Program

MUSA's Teens and Adults program is for everyone who has dreamed of doing martial arts.  All you need is a desire to learn and a willingness to try!  We welcome students of all sizes, shapes, and ages.  Beginners as well as experienced students will find this class both approachable and challenging!  

Summer Camp

MUSA's Summer Camp program provides children with fun activities that include field trips, martial arts, sports, and more!

Virtual Distance Learning

MUSA's Virtual Distance Learning Program provides working parents with quality, affordable child care that emphasizes personal growth and improved grades.

Family Class

MUSA's Family Classes provide an opportunity for parents and their children to participate in class together.  This unique approach promotes mutual encouragement plus promotes values such as honesty, courtesy, and cooperation.

Demo Team

The Warrior Demo Team is a great way for students to enhance their ability in the Martial Arts by participating in public demonstrations.

Dream Team

The Dream Team has the honor of representing MUSA Martial Arts at local and state level Tae Kwon Do tournaments.